Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge on the River Thames has come to represent London.

It is just a 14-minute walk from The Shard, and you can see it from the observation deck.

This tower was formerly referred to as the “Tower of London” since it carried a royal prison. 

London Tower Bridge’s construction took over eight years and is an excellent example of superb engineering and design.

The Princess of Wales officially opened the Bridge to the public on June 30, 1894. 

Its twin towers are 61 meters above the River Thames and are 240 meters long. 

London Tower Bridge is among the most recognizable bridges in the world thanks to its rising bascules and imposing towers. 

Tower Bridge’s two imposing towers, connected by two parallel walkways, are its most remarkable feature.

The Victorian Gothic architecture of the high-level walkways transports you to the Victorian era in London while giving you a chance to get a panoramic perspective of city life. 

You may marvel at the pedestrians zipping across the Bridge from the walkways’ stunning glass floors.

It can be remotely lowered, elevated, and controlled by a computer system. 

It is more than just a convenient means of transportation; it has evolved into London’s historical and cultural icon.

Best time to visit Tower Bridge

The spring and summer months, between March, April, and June, are the finest times to visit London Bridge. 

Due to the ease of making reservations for hotels and theaters, this is the ideal time to visit London Tower Bridge. 

Going early on a weekend or weekday may be your best chance if you’re planning a day trip to the Bridge because lines can get long in the middle of the day, mainly on weekends.

Featured Image: The-Shard.com

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