The Slide At Shard

The Shard, which rises 95 stories above London, has changed the city’s skyline since it opened in 2012. 

Visitors can take in expansive views of London from The View from The Shard, an open-air observation area on the 72nd floor. 

The View from The Shard approached Happy Finish to work with them on creating a Shard slide, an innovative addition to the observation deck that would use virtual reality.

The SkySlide is a novel VR experience that transports viewers on a rollercoaster ride around the famous London landmark while still allowing them to take in the city’s spectacular sights. 

The Shard had an 800 ft. drop and an impressive skyline at its disposal and Happy Finish developed the idea around it. 

Happy Finish used drones launched from The Shard to capture extraordinarily realistic imagery with a slide and CG Shard model.

They developed a motion platform to simulate every curve and twist that speeds up to 200 mph for an immersive user experience. 

This produced an exhilarating photo-real VR slide at the Shard that went viral online due to people sharing their humorous and exciting responses. 

Daniel Cheetham, CEO of Happy Finish, said of the experience:

“We can now use VR to thoroughly immerse someone in an experience that would have previously only been possible to the imagination. With The Slide, we immediately induce fear, joy, and exhilaration in equal measure by giving visitors the impression that they are sliding out of the Shard on an adrenaline-fueled trip.”

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Featured Image: Ifelawal.com

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