Temporary Closure Of The View From The Shard(2023)

The View From the Shard, one of London’s most iconic landmarks and a favorite among locals and tourists alike, has recently made headlines with its temporary closure. 

The eight weeks shutdown began on 15th June 2023 and is scheduled to finish on 13th August 2023.

The sudden shutdown has left many curious about the reasons behind this unexpected development. 

In this post, we will dive into the details, shedding light on why The View From the Shard has temporarily closed its doors and the specifics of the closing and reopening dates.

The View from the Shard is back in action! London’s iconic observation deck is welcoming visitors again after a small hiatus. Book tickets now and visit this unmissable landmark.

Why Is The View From The Shard Shut Down?

  1. Essential Structural Maintenance: The primary reason for the temporary closure of The View From the Shard is to conduct essential structural maintenance. 

Over time, any architectural masterpiece requires periodic inspections, repairs, and maintenance to ensure its longevity and safety. 

By closing the observation deck temporarily, the management can focus on addressing any structural concerns and making necessary repairs to maintain the integrity of the building.

  1. Safety Precautions: Ensuring visitors’ safety is paramount to The View From the Shard. 

The temporary closure provides an opportunity to implement safety upgrades and enhancements. 

This includes rigorous inspections, safety system testing, and installing or maintaining safety features such as fire prevention and evacuation systems. 

By proactively addressing these aspects during the closure, the attraction can guarantee a secure environment for visitors upon reopening.

Top 8 Must Visit Attractions Near The Shard

The Shard is scheduled to reopen on 13th August 2023. 

If you had planned to spend a lovely day at the Shard, worry not because here we have a list of attractions close to the View from the Shard, promising a great time. 

While you wait for the Shard’s grand reopening, you can check out these attractions near the Shard London. 

AttractionDistance from the ShardTime by car/taxi (approx.)Tickets
Tower of London1.5 miles/2.4 km12 minutesBuy Now
London Eye1.6 miles/2.5 km13 minutesBuy Now 
Buckingham Palace2.9 miles/ 4.6 km23 minutesBuy Now 
Madame Tussauds London4.8 miles/7.7 km41 minutesBuy Now 
Kew Gardens10.9 miles/17.5 km60 minutesBuy Now 
Warner Bros. Studio 23 miles/37 km1 hour 19 minutesBuy Now 
Windsor Castle 25.2 miles/40.5 km 1 hour 18 minutesBuy Now 
Stonehenge 90.9 miles/146.2 km2 hours 18 minutesBuy Now 

Closing Details Of The View From The Shard

The closure of The View From the Shard began at the end of trading on the 15th of June, 2023, creating anticipation for the upcoming reopening. 

The closure is estimated to last approximately eight weeks, during which necessary repairs, maintenance, and improvements will occur.

The decision to close the attraction has been carefully timed to minimize inconvenience to visitors. 

Factors such as visitor traffic patterns, maintenance requirements, and availability of experts and contractors have been considered.

When Will The View From The Shard Reopen? 

The View From the Shard is scheduled to reopen its doors on the 13th of August, 2023, eight weeks after its closing. 

This date marks the end of the temporary closure period, signifying the attraction’s readiness to welcome visitors again. 

As the reopening date approaches, visitors can look forward to an even more impressive experience.

The necessary repairs and improvements will have been completed, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable visit.

The View From The Shard Tickets 2023

If you were planning to visit The Shard between June 2023 and August 2023, unfortunately, you’ll have to wait. 

The temporary shutdown means people cannot visit the observation deck for now. 

The tickets for the View from the Shard will be back as soon as the observation deck reopens. 

For tickets purchased beforehand, the ticket provider will assist with options such as refunds or vouchers. 

Maximizing the Benefits:

Although the temporary closure may disappoint planned visitors, it is crucial to acknowledge the long-term benefits of this maintenance and closure.

The View from the Shard can minimize visitor disruptions by temporarily shutting down, allowing construction teams to work efficiently and effectively. 

The closure also enables comprehensive repairs, technical upgrades, and enhancements to visitor facilities, ensuring an elevated experience upon reopening.

Despite the closure’s temporary disappointment, visitors can eagerly anticipate the grand reopening on August 13th. 

The View From the Shard will once again provide breathtaking views of London’s skyline, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all.

Featured Image: The-Shard.com

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